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StD Jürgen Walter

tel: 09721 / 51 1501
fax: 09721 / 51 1507

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English lessons per week and grade:

One English-lesson per week from 10th to 12th (bank 13th) grade:

  • automobile sales management administrator
  • office manager
  • bank business management assistant
  • warehouse logistics operators
  • warehouse operators
  • industrial business management assistant
  • management assistant for retail services
  • management assistant in wholesale (and foreign trade)
  • pharmacist’s assistant
  • legal secretaries
  • tax advisor’s assistants
  • clerks in public administration
  • sales assistant for retail services

One English-lesson per week in the 10th and 11th grade:

  • qualified dental employees

One English-lesson only in the 10th grade:

  • medical assistants

Contents of the lessons:

- oral communication

- working with specialized texts

- written communication

by Reception, Production, Interaction, and Mediation


Fundamental contents:

10th grade:

- specialized Vocabulary (e.g. computer)

- giving directions

- writing a fax

- telephoning

11th grade:

- enquiry

- offer

- order

- acknowledgement of order

12th grade:

- application

- complaints

- at a trade fair

- booking a business trip


Exam: KMK-certificate:

A voluntary English-exam based on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” by the Council of Europe

This exam is offered close to the end of each school year for all those who will finish their training soon.


1. written examination (4 parts):

a) listening

b) reading comprehension

c) production (letter, fax, etc.)

d) mediation (give the contents of an English message in German or vice versa)

2. oral examination (3 parts):

a) warm up - small talk with the examiner (usually non-valued)

b) role play (with time for preparation, play it with a colleague trainee as freely as possible)

c) role play (again, with time for preparation, play it with a colleague trainee as freely as possible)

Date of exam:

- written examination: Usually at the end of May or beginning of June

- oral examination: usually after the Easter break on a school day

Duration of the exams (minutes):

level:   written exam    oral exam

I                 60                 15

II                90                 20

III             120                 25


usually at the end of February


currently: €30.00


Further possibilities: Placements in other countries

The European Union funds internships of German trainees in countries of the EU with the programme Leonardo Da Vinci. We were able to send students to Sweden twice. Currently, we are running a programme to send students to Bristol, England. There, they gain exprerience in different types of companies, like insurances, retailers, or in offices. >> Here you will find further information: <<


Individual projects of teachers:

Journeys to foreign countries have been organized by different teachers of our school during the last decades

We welcome proposals and wish you a good and enjoyable time at our vocational school, the Ludwig-Erhard-Berufsschule!

Jürgen Walter, StD